September 3, 2011

Lazing on a Saturday Afternoon

What are all of you up to this weekend? This morning I had plans with friends to hit the Scottish Games in Virginia, but I was halfway there when a horrendous thunderstorm cropped up. We ended up watching the new Jane Eyre instead, and even though they took some liberties with the book, I love love loved it. The cinematography and the scenes between Jane and Mr. Rochester were just pure perfection.

Now I'm at home scraping the last bits of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownie mix out of the bowl, and indulging in a Hugh Grant movie marathon. I just finished Four Weddings and a Funeral, and now I'm on Notting Hill, which I have already seen about two bazillion times.

Are you (unlike me) out and about, enoying the hurricane-free weekend?

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