July 25, 2012

Be You

There's a lot of talk on the street about self discovery.

I've read countless blog posts (and paid for more than a few therapy sessions) in the search for me- that is, the me stripped down of other people's ideas, the trappings of the past, and my own self-imposed expectations of who I 'should' be.

If you're reading this hoping for all the answers, sorry to disappoint, because I'm still looking.

But I'm starting to realize that there's a difference between who I want to be and who I am. And that those two will probably never be one and the same. There's a beauty in embracing the unique parts of myself (the out-of-control TV habit, the usually messy living space, the unyielding tendency to procrastinate) that may be less than glamorous, but are undeniably me.

Be you.

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