February 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy almost-weekend, all.

This week has equal parts flown by and dragged along, for me. Working during the day and trying to slowly move apartments in the evenings makes for mornings that come way too early. I won't be able to rest until every last box is moved and unpacked, every knick-knack is put into place, and all my decorating plans are made reality. (The last one will be a challenge...there might be more "compromise" involved than I had hoped!) Before the box-hauling marathon continues this weekend, we're taking a break with friends tonight to see Contact at the local planetarium. It's one my favorite movies - not only does the subject matter speak to the nerd in me, but when I first saw it, I thought Matthew McConaughey was the cutest thing since ever. Oh, those were the (pre-bongo-pounding) days.

PS. Can I just say, I am lov.ing. The Mindy Project. I want Mindy and Danny Castellano to have babies already. I haven't been this obsessed with a show since my teenaged-WB-watching days, when I would spend hours reading Gilmore Girls fanfiction and...you never did that? Uh, yeah, me neither.

Have a great weekend!

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