June 18, 2013

Just Do It

{Art: by me}

I mentioned in my last post that my new job is kind of taking over my life. At least during the week, I'm so exhausted after a long day of working (and commuting) that I have little motivation to do anything other than catching Jeopardy and eating dinner in some outfit that doesn't involve a bra. And sometimes (usually) I use that as an excuse for not getting things done in my life. Not the "need to do" things, like paying the bills, or doing laundry, or cleaning the bathroom - although, okay, sometimes that falls by the wayside. But I mean all the "want to do" things, the "I've always meant to do" or "seriously, this is the year I do" things. Despite my best intentions, those are the things that get pushed aside.

You know what I mean?

I've written Post-Its, listed goals, created intentions, made resolutions. But all that planning means nothing if I don't get things done. And my track record, so far, is not that great. But (and here's where I've had a major shift in thinking) I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm not going to blame myself, guilt myself, or lament every excuse in the book. 

I'm just going to do it. Do something. 

I'll spend an hour, or even a half hour, each evening, chipping away at one of my things. It won't be perfect, and they won't get done overnight. But, eventually, I will accomplish the things I want to. Write a book, learn the guitar, speak a new language. And if, in the end, one or all of those things doesn't get done, it will simply be because I didn't want it enough. And I'm okay with that.

How do you find time in your life for your goals and hobbies?

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