June 16, 2013

Working 9 to 5

{Art: by me}

I've hinted at it, but I don't think I ever fully shared the big leap that I took about month ago: taking on a new position at work. Going for an opportunity that pretty much came out of nowhere, I moved into a totally different part of the business, started from scratch, and knowingly took on a lot more responsibility than I've ever had before. Oh, and bought more suits.

I knew it would be a lot of change. I just didn't know how much. 

My job, and the entire way I think about work, has long been a source of confusion and turmoil for me. I don't doubt at all that I'm still knee-deep in Quarter-Life Crisis, wondering if this is the right path for me, and never fully happy with where my life is right now. I took this new position on a gut feeling, and while I know it was the right decision to make (I'm making a difference, I'm more fulfilled, and I'm learning more than I could have ever hoped), it doesn't make the late nights or stressful weekends any easier. 

It's become a matter of self-preservation to try to figure out a work-life balance, and if this job is teaching me anything, it's first and foremost leading me to make the most of the non-work hours. Hit the "off" switch on work email, read lots of books, eat delicious brunches and soak up sun. Because my job is a big part of my life, but it's not all of it. And until I find the "perfect" solution (because it won't happen overnight), I'm going to do my best to get darned near close to it. 

Are you lucky enough to be in love with your job?

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