August 6, 2013

Around the Web

1//I've been remiss in not mentioning my friend Senushi's new food blog, Kiwi Confections. Nush is an old friend from childhood with whom I've been very fortunate to reconnect. In addition to kicking ass as a medical student, she's been making the most delectable food for years, and is finally sharing her expertise with us mere mortals! I was also so honored to be able to make the blog design a reality - it was a lot of fun. 

2//I've been a longtime Matchbook girl since Katie and Jane started the e-mag years ago. It always inspires me with the most chic and timeless fashion, homes, and people, and this month's edition is no exception. It even features a look at my all-time favorite actress, Ingrid Bergman. That's what I call kindred spirits.

3//I must admit I didn't see Brooke White on American Idol way back when, but she's been on my radar since she and Summer Bellessa started The Girls with Glasses a few years back. Now she's popping up all over the place. (She was in a Hallmark movie. Those things feed my soul.) And her personal blog, Brookie Babble, is sprinkled with the adorable that is her baby girl, London, and her performances of the same old songs that I grew up listening to. Also, her songs (solo and as Jack & White) are on repeat on Spotify. #obsessed

What's inspiring you on the web lately?


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