August 8, 2013

Fun Facts

My guilty pleasure is sugary-sweet romance novels. I used to be limited by budget, but now that I've discovered the beauty that is checking out e-books from the library, my indulgence knows no bounds. I know I should probably spend my time reading more educational material, but after a long day of work, I'm more than willing to trade education for escape. Some of my favorite authors are Jennifer Crusie, Susan Mallery, and Carly Phillips. (I know, I have the reading interests of a fortysomething housewife.) Any recommendations?

I kind of suck at time management. Namely, making time to develop the dozens of interests/hobbies/projects I've started (or been wanting to start). Take, for example, the sewing machine I bought more than three years ago. A few throw pillows and a couple of tops later, I'm still nowhere near the level of proficiency I dreamed of when I started with those Sewing 101 lessons. The desire is still there, but when it comes to execution? Not enough hours in the day. Also on the list: learning the guitar, writing fiction, picking up my violin again, painting, decorating my apartment, and many more. Any advice for getting things done?

I spend about two hours in the car every weekday driving to and from work, and I spend almost every minute of that time rocking out (seriously) thanks to the Spotify app. As much as I despise my commute, the musical interludes help me de-stress, or at least counteract my road rage. This morning I was feeling a little Jim Croce, but depending on my mood, you could find me belting out Aretha Franklin, Boston, or One Direction. On a sidenote, I made a recent foray into audiobooks, but found they were too slow for my taste. Any suggestions for making long commutes more bearable?


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