October 27, 2013

Le Weekend

This weekend has been one the best I've had in a long time.What happened that was so great? 

Well, not much, actually ;-)

This weekend was like a deep breath. An easy, contented passing of time, where I did all the things I want to do, without worrying about what I need to do. With nothing on the schedule (save a quiet gathering with friends last night), I managed to:

Make two(!) Zumba classes
Watch three episodes of The X-Files
Bake 24 scrumptious pumpkin cupcakes
Read 300+ pages of my new library book
Eat lots of candy corn
Burn through half of the yummiest smelling candle
Drink two bottles of my new favorite beer
Online shop for shoes (and only buy one pair)
Finish three lessons on Duolingo
And impulsively check work email zero times.

I've had quiet weekends before, but I generally don't deal with alone time or boredom well, and it usually ends in a big pity party. Not this time! As work gets crazy and my Monday-Friday routine is more rushed than ever, I need to cherish the downtime I get on the weekends. Here's hoping there are more relaxing weekends to come!

How was your weekend?


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